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Charlotte Poppy Illustration


My Story

I am an illustrator and artist based in Brighton UK, I am proud to belong in a city full of bold personalities and creative minds. Drawing has always played an important role in my life, I find it a meditative process to pull ideas from my mind and bring them to life. As a graduate in Medical Illustration, I have a deep appreciation for the nuances and complexity of the human body and other natural forms. My illustrations are a unique style that is both surreal and highly detailed. My artworks have been featured in numerous projects and exhibitions throughout the years.


My Portfolio

As an illustrator, my passion for storytelling drives my creative process. I strive to create unique, imaginative and engaging visuals that bring ideas to life. My portfolio is a testament to my artistic vision and skillset. If you'd like to collaborate or commission a project, please get in touch and let's create something beautiful together!

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